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Mike Chen Net Worth – $5 million

What is Mike Chen’s net worth? Who is Mike Chen’s wife?


Mike Chen, better known online as Mikey Chen, is a Youtuber who captains 11 popular channels, including:

  • Mikey Chen – travel vlog;
  • the Asian culture channel The Chen Dynasty;
  • Pho The Love of Food;
  • food channels Strictly Dumpling;
  • the insanely popular paranormal and mystery channel Beyond Science.

Let’s explore everything we know about Mike Chen.

The Origin Story

He was born on December 22, 1980, in China.

Mike Chen grew up surrounded by food.

His parents, Teng and Rigan, ran their Chinese buffets, and his experience working with them cultivated his passion and curiosity for food.

When Mike was eight years old, his family immigrated to the United States.

He spent his childhood with his parents and siblings, Arnold and Renor, in the Midwest.

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Mike attended high school in the Midwest, and after graduation, attended Truman State University. He majored in accounting and wanted to become an agent for the FBI.

After college, Mike worked for Morgan Stanley as a financial analyst.

”I majored in Accounting to become an FBI agent,” he wrote on Reddit. Mike added: ”Then mellowed out and worked for Morgan Stanley.”

In 2006, Mike left his job and went into non-profit work.

Mike was the head of the digital strategy department at New Tang Dynasty Television.

While at this non-profit media company, he co-created a YouTube channel, Off the Great Wall, which discussed Chinese culture. At this time, he also worked as a wedding videographer to make ends meet.

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Inspired by his love for food, Mike Chen started his personal YouTube journey in 2013 when he first began making food-related videos on his YouTube channel.

In 2015, he left his job at New Tang Dynasty to pursue his personal endeavors.

By 2019, he had expanded to six channels and had over 5 million subscribers.

Strictly Dumpling

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He’s most well-known for his YouTube channel, Strictly Dumpling. On this channel, he reviews food and posts vlogs of his travels worldwide.

”Everywhere in the world, food is both historical and modern and encompasses the people, the land, and the essence of its cultural identity,” Chen told CNBC.

In addition to Strictly Dumpling, Mike also has Cook with Mikey, Mike Chen, The Chen Dynasty, Cook With Mikey, Eat with Mikey, Beyond Science, Beyond Science 2, and The CheNews.

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In 2021, Mike Chen married his longtime girlfriend, Christine.

Although they have been together for a while, Mike prefers to keep the details of their relationship as private as possible.

Before he was married, Mike wrote on his Instagram page: ”In a loving relationship with food.”

“It took awhile, but finally, my loving relationship with only food is over,” Chen announced on Instagram in October 2021. “Happy to have found my true soul mate and food-hunting bestie for life.”

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”In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.”

”I usually don’t know where I’m going until two weeks before I leave.”

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He said that the easiest meal to cook is shredded potatoes.

Fitness Regime

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Since Mike’s career involves eating a lot of unhealthy foods, Mike prioritizes exercise to keep healthy.

He runs a 5K every day as well as travels with a pullup bar to ensure he always gets in his daily exercise.

Mike Chen – Net Worth

So, how much is Mike Chen worth?

Chen earned most of his wealth from advertisem*nts on his YouTube channel.

In total, Mike has over 1.7 billion views which have earned him around $5 million before state taxes.

In addition to being a content creator, Chen is also a business owner. He owns Mike Chen’s Hot Oil which sells several different spicy sauces.

Mike also sells Strictly Dumpling merchandise online, which includes plushies, bags, slippers, and socks.

In 2021, Mike bought a new apartment inDallas, Texas.

Therefore, Mike Chen has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

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Mike Chen Net Worth | Wife - Famous People Today (2024)


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