New Covenant Church - CONNECTION (2024)

We believe life transformation happens better in circles than rows.

What if we could all gather together and connect with one another in a learning community designed to help us live as community of disciples who make a difference in the lives of people we interact with every day?
As we live into our mission, you are invited to be a part of our learning community where we continue to learn to live out what God is doing with in us.

EQUIPPING HOUR: Sundays at 10:45am

The Equipping Hour maximizes our time together on Sunday mornings to create a learning community of disciples, growing together as we strive to embody the love of God in our everyday activities.
You are invited to join us on Sunday mornings at 10:45 am for a time of fellowship, connection, conversation, and prayer.
Our primary environment will be Circle Up with opportunities to join a short-term group like Rooted at specific times during the year.

Circle Up

This is the primary environment for the Equipping Hour. This learning community focuses on connecting with one another as we grow in the knowledge and practices that will prepare us to fulfill our mission. Our time together will include fellowship, teaching, conversation, and prayer. Join anytime. Sign up to let us know you’re interested and to get occasional updates about what’s happening in Circle Up.

for questions about circle up, email michael back

This short-term ten-week small group experience covers the foundational Christian beliefs for those new to the faith as well as those who are more seasoned, along with spiritual rhythms for daily life. This will be offered periodically throughout the year. Our hope is that everyone will experience Rooted at some point. There will be opportunities on Sunday morning during the Equipping Hour as well as during the week.

for questions about rooted, email kandace chadwell

Faith & Fellowship

This is an on-going Sunday morning Bible study class primarily of senior adults - all are welcome! Join us for a time of reading and discussing how God’s Word impacts our lives. We are a welcoming group who also enjoys fellowship and praying for one another. Meets Sundays at 10:45 am at New Covenant in Room 134. This group also has a team who plan the Craft Show and serve at My Brother's Keeper among other things.


We also offer small groups throughout the year. Many of these meet during the week here at the church.

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Men's Bible Study

Men of all ages are invited to study the Bible and grow spiritually with us on Saturday mornings. We meet for a time of sharing and review, then break into smaller groups for discussion. We like service projects, pancake breakfasts, and having fun. It’s a great place to develop your faith and friendships! Meets Saturdays 8:00 am at New Covenant.

Currently we are studying the Gospel of Mark using a book called "The Discipleship Gospel Workbook" by Ben Sobels & Bill Hull. In mid-Sept. we'll begin a three-week study of "Ten Godly Leadership Essentials" by Andrew Womack. Typically each person buys their own book (usu. around $20). Men are welcome to join anytime. Pancake breakfast every 4 - 6 weeks.

To learn more, reach out to Jack Tubbs at [emailprotected].

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Women's Bible Study

The Tuesday morning Women's Bible Study meets each quarter studying a chosen book together. They usually begin a new study in January, April, and September. We would love to have you join us for connection, small group time, discussion, prayer, and food (of course).

Join us as we take a 30-day journey and work through Thom S. Rainer’s book, Pray & Go. We will turn our focus outward as we pray for our community and opportunities to become Great Commission Christians. Pray & Go is designed to provide convenient opportunities for us to participate in and experience the incredible power of prayer, along with action to go, in obedience to Jesus’ command. Through prayer and with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, we will do this together and see how God opens doors and uses us to be a part of His bigger plan. Beginning Tuesday, September 12 – October 17 Book Cost: $10

To learn more, reach out to Janet Hausbeck at [emailprotected].

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Young Adult's Bible Study

Our young adult group is those in their 20's & 30's who meet for Bible Study as well as community. If you're single, married, with kids, without kids, whatever your life circ*mstance is, we'd love to meet you and get to know you. They meet at various times and study different books throughout the year.

Abide & Thrive will be meeting Sundays this fall, during equipping hour (same room as before, hallway near the kitchen). This will be Men and Women (18-40) together and we will be studying the book of Mark – no homework, the only thing needed is your Bibles. We are happy and excited to invite more people to join throughout the course of the study. Our first Sunday back together is going to be September 17th and this study will be led by Wesley Boyl and Katie Taylor will help when needed.

To learn more, reach out to Kelsey Oldham at [emailprotected].


At New Covenant we dream of a mobilized church with every NCer serving out of gratefulness.
We challenge our people to be actively involved in community life; walking through open doors to share God’s love with a hurting and broken world.
Volunteers are a vital part of our church community. God has given each of us unique gifts and abilities, and there are many different ways to serve.
Choose which ministry you'd like to serve with at New Covenant and we'll be in touch with you. Here are a few options.

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Family Ministries

From rocking babies to teaching little ones how much God loves them; from playing silly games to speaking truth into a student's life as a small group leader, family ministries in an amazing place to use your story and your giftings to equip this generation for God's glory.

serve in family ministries

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Worship Team

It takes a lot of gifted individuals coming together as a team to create the worship environment on Sunday mornings. We are looking not only looking for those who can sing or play an instrument, but also those who can turn the mics on and make sure the slides are running.

serve with the worship team

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MudHouse Team

We love to create a welcoming environment here at New Covenant. One of our favorite ways to do that is through our MudHouse cafe. Training is provided. All you need is a serving heart and a welcoming spirit to those who come through our doors.

serve on the mudhouse team

To serve in other areas of the church (operations, facility, greeting, etc), click here


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Covenant Hearts is our widows support group, ministering to women who have lost a spouse. They gather as a group four times a year for a Mid-Winter Luncheon, their Ladies Tea, Ice Cream Social, and a Holiday Brunch, and they reach out to, support, and pray for one another.


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Thru the Roof is our ministry to our special needs friends. We are partnering with All Stars Clubs to provide respite care. We typically meet on the second Friday night of the month. Our events are filled with fun and the opportunity to grow in faith alongside some of the most amazing friends.


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Our MudHouse Mission of the Month is an opportunity to give back to missions and organizations we love globally & locally. Our "profits" each month are added to additional donations each month.

to give to this cause - make mudhouse in your notes

In the realm of fostering community and spiritual growth, the concepts of small groups, learning communities, discipleship, and service opportunities are pivotal. As someone well-versed in these areas, let's break it down:

  1. Learning Communities: These are environments aimed at shared growth and knowledge acquisition. They're typically structured to encourage interaction, conversation, and communal learning. In the context provided, the Equipping Hour on Sundays at 10:45 am represents a gathering fostering fellowship, connection, conversation, and prayer. It's designed for disciples to embody God's love in their daily lives. Additionally, Circle Up is the primary environment for the Equipping Hour, emphasizing connecting, learning, and preparing individuals to fulfill their mission.

  2. Discipleship and Spiritual Growth: Rooted is a ten-week small group experience focusing on foundational Christian beliefs and spiritual rhythms. It caters to both newcomers to the faith and those more seasoned, aiming to deepen their spiritual journey. This type of short-term group experience is offered periodically throughout the year.

  3. Bible Studies: These offer focused exploration of scripture and its implications for daily life. They cater to various demographics, such as senior adults (Faith & Fellowship group), men's Bible study on Saturdays, and Tuesday morning Women's Bible Study, which comprises small group discussions, prayers, and a communal study of selected books.

  4. Young Adult Groups: These cater to individuals in their 20s and 30s, emphasizing both Bible study and community-building. Abide & Thrive is an example highlighted, centered around studying the book of Mark, aiming to foster connections among young adults and deepen their understanding of scripture.

  5. Service Opportunities: Serving within the church community is encouraged as a way to express faith and contribute to the larger mission. Opportunities exist in various ministries like Family Ministries (involving roles from caring for babies to mentoring students), Worship Team (for those gifted musically or technically), MudHouse Team (focusing on creating a welcoming environment at the church's cafe), and various other areas such as operations, facility management, and greeting.

  6. Specialized Ministries: The church extends its outreach to specific groups, like Covenant Hearts (for widows' support), Thru the Roof (ministry for special needs friends), and MudHouse Mission of the Month (a way to contribute to missions and local organizations).

This comprehensive approach encompasses creating spaces for learning, fostering spiritual growth, studying scripture, community building among different demographics, active participation in service, and extending support to specific groups within the church community. These elements combine to create a holistic environment for personal and communal transformation.

New Covenant Church  - CONNECTION (2024)


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